Friday, March 12, 2010

SPM Result

Well, 11th March marks a very important day of my life... It's SPM Result day! I got my result and here is it.

Bahasa Melayu : B
Bahasa Inggerris : B+
Pengetahuan Moral : B+
Sejarah : G
Mathematics : A
Additional Mathematics : D
Physics : B
Chemistry : C
Biology : C+

Yea, I got a G... But, luckily History subject is not a important subject for the course I'm gonna study, if I'm going to College, University or Form 6. So... I'm glad and satisfied with it. Anyway, I'm gonna sleep now... Bye~!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Eh?! It's March already?!

Hi guys, sorry for not blogging during Chinese New Year... I was just too lazy to online during CNY. Well during Chinese New Year, my family and me visited my relative house like every years we do. Basically, we just doing what we should do during Chinese New Year. About my ang pau, I think I got more ang pau than last year... Well, I still haven't open my ang pau... So, I'm not sure about the amount lol.

Anyways, I'm going out to Jusco to celebrate my friend's birthday. So...

Happy 18th Birthday to Jimmy Loh!

When I was looking at my friend's birthday date (Which is 1st of March)... My reaction was like the title stated above... I thought it is still February. I still remember the time when I was still schooling... I miss those times... Time is just like a spaceship that just fly off very fast. Anyways, It's late... I'm going to sleep, Bye~!