Monday, October 19, 2009


Practically, I writing this post just to wish all my hindu friends Happy Deepavali and Happy birthday to my sis. Here are some photos during me and my sis early birthday celeberation.

Anyways, I gotta sleep. Bye~!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mid Autumn Saturday

Hello guys! Like always, I had to go to my Bio tuition... Before the tuition starts, I go to Yik Foong with Chee Hoe to look for some shirt. Well, at 1st I didn't plan to buy anything but when I see Chee Hoe is choosing shirt then somehow I feel like wanted to buy a new T-shirt. When I was choosing shirt, I saw the shirt I want and the price is RM 9.90, I was like "Wow! It's cheap!". When I paying for that shirt, I give RM 10... Then my uncle like... "Eh! Do you have enough money?" I was like... "Huh?" Then I see the price plate again... It's was actually RM 25. Oh my god... I'm so freaking blind... So I end up borrow Chee Hoe's RM10 and I pay RM 15. Lucky he brought enough money to buy his shirt too. After that Marjan reach Yik Foong and we walk around and chatting... Then we went back to tuition.

When at tuition that time... Chee Hoe ask me to send a SMS to my add maths teacher to ask that she finish marking or not... She replied my SMS... As expected, she hasn't finish marking yet.Then Marjan, suddenly rampas my phone and SMS her "Oh ok... I'm excited to fail" =.=" Well, they curious about her reaction when she see this SMS but sadly... She didn't reply...

It's around 7 p.m. now, went to my grandma house for reunion dinner... My grandma's cooking is always so delicious! After dinner, nothing much to do... Just watching TV and then eat mooncakes and burning some stuff with candle lol... I still a small kids right? Age 17 still wanna play with fire LOL. But only play for a while then I continue watching TV until around 10:30 p.m. went back home and here I am writing my post!

Anyways, it's late now... I have to wake up early tomorrow, so I planning to sleep earlier today... Bye~!