Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a great Friday!

Yea! 24th of July is the day which Perak State Band Competition was held! We Michaelian had shown our high spirit! Cheering and boo-ing until very dahsyat... We even made banner, cardboard sign, paper aeroplane(LOL!), sang school rally and a malay song and last but not least, we made a few waves too! Anyways, congratulation MMB! Finally your hardwork paid off! Even though you guys got 2nd place but in Michaelian heart... You guys were always the 1st!! Here's some photos I took during the competition.. But too bad, my camera's memory card full when I was recording video of MMB performing :(


Michaelian cheerleader? O_o

MMB performing...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Open Day...

The time has come, it's open day! Die lor, my result is really bad... Oh yea! I would like to wish...
Happy Birthday Pn. Roslinda!
It was funny that when we were signing our signature... Suddenly she pop out ask us to keep quiet (Well, our class is pretty noisy that time). We were trying to hide the birthday card by standing in front of the birthday card and like act nothing lol... Then after we're done, we make noise until she came and we sang birthday song. Haha... By the way, here are some photos I took this morning~

Wow! It is such a big birthday card~

Signature by 5Sc5 and some not related fella LOL

My crazy classmates =P

Mmm~ It is such a nice cake~ Too bad, it is not vanila flavor LOL

Happy Birthday~!

Look here and SMILE!

Finally~ It's time to distribute cake~

After that, we got Bio class to attend... Finally, chapter 3 finish... Tomorrow she will be teaching chapter 4, which is Reproduction (I guess most of the boys will be interest of it LOL)... It's recess time now... Well, I didn't eat anything cause I just don't feel like eating... Anyway, it's 10 a.m. Open Day started... Anyways, I get 5 9G... Which is really bad... I just can't believe my position in class is 40/41... This is the worst result I ever get... =(

My dad seem disappointed and my mom will surely nag me... What can I do? Why I'm so lazy? Is it I need my parents to force me to study or friends to motivate me? Please~ I MUST CHANGE!! I MUST STUDY!! FOR SPM!! FOR MY FUTURE!! (I know it sound a little bit fake here but... I must really change...)

Anyways... I have to go out for dinner... Bye~!

Monday, July 6, 2009


It's been a while I did not blog... Sorry for that, I'm just lazy to blog these days.

Well, today is just another normal day. Perhimpunan, our class won "The Cleanliness Class" title and some speech by teachers, prefects, students and Headmaster. After this is English lesson, Pn. Usha is absent as well Add Maths teacher, Pn. Nor Hamishah which is after English lesson. Later on, is recess then computer class, boring as usual... Chemistry period now, Pn. Noorazlina is absent. The Physics class, just normal...

I don't know what more to write... I realise any post I write is almost the same... It's like daily report or whatsoever. Sorry if my blog is boring to you to read. I need to do homework now, Bye~!