Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SPM Trials is officially over~!

Yay! It's finally over! Can relax already! And prepare for holiday! Today KM test is quite tough for me and the test become kinda pointless too... With marking scheme flying around... Some were like can get A1 without studying while some study like mad only can get A1... It's not fair! I just wonder why wanna cheat in the exam... It's doesn't show their standard... Their just lying to themselves... I mean come on la... Just open your freaking test book and study! And also do your best in the exam... Anyways, just forget it... Let's think about holiday, any plan on 1 week holiday? Well, I don't have any except this Saturday, hanging out with friends... Yea, I'm pretty excited about it! And 1 more thing... I can't believe my friend is spamming my blog's chatbox using my name... Saying all those bad and lame stuff... Maybe he just did this for fun... But I think he overdid it... It's like just trying to destroy my image... Please, my friend... Don't do this again, OK?

Anyways, I gotta go sleep... Good night and bye~!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

SPM Trials review 4

Today exam was OK... I think I can get B or C for Modern Math... Paper 2 was really time taking paper, I don't have enough time to finish it and also I forgotten some working... Then paper 1 is not-so-hard but also not-so-easy, I tembak about 5++ questions and some few careless mistakes :(

Well, nothing special happen today... Just feeling lazy to write long post and I'm sleepy too... So, bye~!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

SPM Trials review 3

Today exam was like hell... Even though the Sejarah tips that I received from my friend is accurate but... I forgotten most of the thing I read... And about Moral, lucky I still remember some nilai... So I think I can pass moral... By the way, I don't feel like writing much today... A bit headache and tomorrow exam is Modern Math... So, I have to revise and bye~!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SPM Trials review 2

Today exam is BI2, BI1 and SEJ1. BI2 is pretty easy, I can answer all the question except the novel part. That part I answer half only, without conclusion... Then BI1, report came out in part A. I forgot the format of it and I just simply write and part B, I choose the question "What will you do If you have super powers?". For that question, I just simply crap about if I have powers like spiderman, superman and etc. Haha, I feel a bit silly when writing this essays and again... I completed my part B essays with not enough words. SEJ1... I think I tembak most of the question, I was looking for answer which is logic then I just circle it and when I completed the paper... I still have around 20 minutes. Pretty fast huh? Well, some other people is more faster than me. Some even asking for answers when the time is almost up. I was like... -_-".

Anyways, tomorrow exam will be SEJ2 and PM. Die lor! History paper 2, I hope I can answer the paper and doesn't pass up blank paper >_<. Futhermore, I have to memorise moral values... For the god sake... How can I remember them? Argh! Tomorrow sure very stress one. I have to continue reading history X_X. Bye~!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SPM Trials review 1

Today exam is BM1 and BM2... I kinda happy for BM1 cause I manage to finish both karangan but the Bahagian B karagan not enough words. As for BM2, I think it's a bit hard... But most of my friends say it's easy. Well, at least I manage to finish both novel question and I'm totally flung in peribahasa. I can't remember most of the peribahasa meaning. So, I just hope my BM can score credit. That's only a small request... Please let me get at least C~

Tomorrow exam will be BI2, BI1 and SEJ1. Oh my god! History... I don't think I can remember any points... About English, I not so scare about it... Only worry about essays... Anyways, good luck guys for taking SPM or SPTM trials. I have to read History... Bye~!