Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sleeping Beauty Ballet Concert, Starwalk and today~

Let's me just start off from Saturday night. That night I'm supposed to eat steamboat with my grandparent and relative as well. But then, my friend invited me to watch Sleeping Beauty Ballet Concert organized by MGS. The show is quite nice and I was shock that some my friends from SMI is actually involve in the concert too.

Sunday morning, I have to wake up early to participate Starwalk. Wow! I never expected so much people participate Starwalk. Something annoying is that... The telephone line is busy that morning, it's really hard to contact a person, even SMS also cannot. The Starwalk started at 7:15 a.m. Ok! It's time to do some walking! During Starwalk, my friends walk so fast until I can't really catch up and end up I'm walking alone. But luckily I got a certificate even though I completed the Starwalk without running or using shortcut =P. About lucky draw, I'm not lucky enough to get any prize =(.

Today schooling day like didn't learn anything. PJ period, just play la. SV period, teacher absent. SJ period, teacher absent too! Yay! I was so damn happy! LOL. MM period, the only one teacher who didn't absent for today subject. MT period, Pn. Nor Hamishah still haven't come back from Mecca (Where is my Add Math paper?!). Moreover, tomorrow speech day... We can go back at 12:30 p.m. Yay!! Ok la! I'm going to sleep... Bye~!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just another normal day...

Hello~! There is a ceramah this morning, about Effective Interview Skill. This ceramah is quite interesting actually, it give us alot of information of what we should we do or should not do during the interview. The person who conduct this ceramah is Michael and he is quite funny. He also let us see some funny video that is about the interview. He also show a video about life when the ceramah is about to end. That video is actually quite inspiring and the song is super nice! The song title is 'The Power of the Dream' sang by Celine Dion (I'm her #1 fan! LOL).

After ceramah is Biology. Phew... No history today! I'm glad~ Coz I didn't finish history homework =P. I got back my Biology paper, surpisingly I got 31/50 for paper 1, 32/100 for paper 2 and 40/50 for paper 3. So the total marks is 52%, yay! I didn't fail Biology~ LOL. I don't know why but I'm quite happy with my marks even it is not really high marks. Then it's Modern Math, nothing special happen. Recess time!

Nothing special happen during Physics period. Then it's English period, pity Pn. Usha... Another bad day for her, thanks to those classmates who actually can't control their mouth. At the end of the lesson, someone just did something that made Pn. Usha angry and just run off. What should we do to solve this problem?

School ended... It's tuition time! Nothing really special happen. Just some normal tuition~ Teacher is teaching and student is listening to teacher... Except for me, I almost fall asleep... Thanks to Chee Hoe who is waking me up. Oh yea! I got the Starwalk thingy just now... Just to remind u guys, remember to take ur starwalk thingy before it's too late!

Ok, it's dinner time... I got to go! Bye~!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stress oh stress

Argh!!! Something wrong with my temper lately. I feel that I easily get angry for just some tiny irritating stuff. I been getting stress lately... About some stuff happening in school, school work, my result and some more my mom is making me feel more stress. When I was doing homework just now, she just keep nagging me, "why so late do work? bla bla bla". She don't understand my situation and ruining my mood to do homework. I just wan some peaceful moments when I was doing my work. Help~! Save me~! I wish I could manage my stress, if not... I will become mad!! Urgh... I should just go to my room and complete rest of my homework... Or not she will nag again. I should really nickname her as "Queen Nagger". Ok... Good night and bye!

Monday, June 15, 2009

School reopen

Hello guys! School reopen today. I'm sure most of u guys have so many things to talk with friends. Today I get back my English paper and quite unexpectedly I got 36/100 for it. I can't believe I actually fail English especially the essays part T_T. Too bad Pn. Nor Hamishah absent today, I'm curious about my Add Math marks but I know I'm gonna fail.

During recess, I had bad luck... When I was eating prawn mee, Jegen came and he want to sit... So, I move my bag and guess what... My plastic file on the table, fell down and hit my prawn mee and then all the soup spill all over my pants. I was like "OH MY GOD!! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO ME?!". Such a wastage of food and my RM2 just fly away like that. Haiz... Let's just skip to next part.

It's computer period... Something wrong with internet connection and don't know what thing, then teacher say, "buat kerja sendiri". During Chemistry period, as usual... BORING~! Well, I'm trying to pay full attention to what teacher is saying but still... I can't fully understand what she saying. Later, it's Physics time! I got back my Physics paper 3 13/40, the marks is not up to my satisfactory... What to do? I think I'll just improve myself for SPM trial exam.

It's late now... I going to sleep, better don't get sleepy for tomorrow school. Bye~!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last day of holiday~

Hello guys! Time flow pretty fast right? I feel like just 1 week holiday... So, how is ur holiday guys? I'm sure most of u all enjoy ur holiday. As for me, I don really enjoy my holiday much. Because most of the time I just stay at home or going to tuition, except for 2 days that I going out with my friends. Nothing really special about my holiday actually.

I at home alone today, my parents are going to fetch my sister back to KL. Nothing to do at home except onlining and playing games. Oh yea! Not to forget about homework! So, did u guys finish ur homework? Well, I still got a bit homework left. I'm gonna finish it by today. That's all for now, I go finish my homework. Bye~!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Holiday almost end...

Hello guys~! So, did u guys enjoy ur holiday? Have u guys finish ur holiday homework? Well, for me... My holiday just staying at home most of the time and I've finish 50% of my homework. Actually, nothing much happen during holiday... So I don't really know what more to say here... I guess that's all for now. Bye~! Enjoy ur 2-more-days holiday~!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Holiday week...

Well... My holiday week is boring as usual. Staying at home or going to tuition except Friday and Today, I going out with my friends. Today I 1st time going out by taxi, at 1st I kinda scare but I trying to be brave to be independence.

Then I reach Imax and play L4D with my friends. After that going back home by taxi again, then Jason Martin suddenly wanted to follow my taxi. But then just because the taxi driver thought Jason already pay me the money and he didn't charge Jason. In the end, He charge me RM6+RM9=RM15 T_T. Seriously... I'm gonna ask Jason to pay me back RM6.

After that, I go out dinner with my grandparents and back home. Nothing much happen after this... Just that I have headaches. So, that's all for today. See ya~!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm back~

Home sweet home~! I'm back from KL. Sitting inside the car for few hours made me so exhausted and I even feel dizzy now. So, I should go sleep... Good night~!