Friday, May 7, 2010

A3 Outing

Hello~! I had another outing today. This time is with Evo, Hou Keat, Jimmy Loh and Kein Yong.

Basically, we just play computer at Infinity for the whole outing after we ate lunch at McDonald. While I was playing, I saw Kurtis... As usual, keep teasing me, don't believe I being chosen for science stream lol. Until around 1pm I started to think about the Math T tuition which gonna start today. At first I was like "I don't feel like going to tuition", but then I was thinking that if I miss the tuition, I might not understand the stuff that teacher teach on the next class. Finally, I decided to go to tuition. On 2:30pm, my mom come and fetch me to tuition. While we just depart, I suddenly got a call from Chee Hoe saying that the tuition starts next week, not today. So I was kinda "Thank god" and go back to Infinity to continue my outing.

Nothing much to say, so I stop here. Bye~!