Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Bombastic Outing

Hello~! I'm back~~! Sorry for letting my blog die for about a month. It just that during these days, I don't have any passion to write. Anyway, yesterday I had an outing with Chee Hoe, Marjan, Nicholas Chen, Daryl, Seng Hoo and Adwin. Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun with you guys :) .

The day start with some problem about transportation that lead to the decision of taking to Jusco with Chee Hoe. While we waiting at the bus station near my house area, we have a chat with a grandmother there. Complaining about the punctuality of the bus driver which they use to be either early or late, that cause problem to her. Anyway, the bus finally come at 10:20am which is later than usually. Well, nothing special happen on the way to Jusco.

Finally, we arrive at Jusco around 11am which we are the last one to arrive :( while they are eating breakfast at the restaurant opposite of the Johnny Restaurant. The restaurant is quite okay, foods and drinks taste nice, but the mushroom soup that Nicholas Chen drinking is sour O_o . Later, we go watch Iron Man 2. Well, I think Iron Man 2 is worth watching... Some parts is a bit boring while other parts are funny. Just I think I wanna complain about it is that... The battle is too short I think. Whatever, skip to the next part... We go to Pizza Hut for lunch while I go get Form 6 Chemistry notes from Jeanice. Nothing particular happen here, just random chat and stuff. Next, we go to K-Box! The most enjoyable place in Jusco xD .

Okay, time to sleep~ Bye~!